Escape Room

Search for clues. Solve the puzzles. Open the locks. And escape!

What is an Escape Room?

Funertia’s Escape Room is a unique and immersive activity for people who want engaging and thought-provoking fun.  Your group of 2-8 people is “locked” in a special room containing a series of challenging puzzles which the group must solve within one hour in order to successfully escape the room.  How does it work?

You will find clues and combine them in interesting ways to solve puzzles.  The solutions will lead you to keys and codes to open a series of locks in the room. The ultimate goal is to unlock the door of the room to escape within a set time period (usually one hour), though escaping is not necessary to have a good time.

The Escape Room is great for fun with friends and family, date nights, birthdays, special occasions, and teambuilding.  Funertia’s escape room themes change every few months so that people can return regularly for a new experience.  The price is lower than most escape rooms across the country and you can count on unique themes.

Can YOU escape? Call 1-229-588-8650 to book your escape experience or message Funertia on Facebook.