Funertia’s Story

Funertia Cards and Games opened in 2015 as a place for people to enjoy socializing and playing games.  The name “Funertia” (fun-er-shuh) comes from the combination of “fun” and “inertia” and represents the idea of people continually engaging in fun activities.

Funertia is South Georgia’s premier game center offering many different things to do:

  • Trading Card Games – Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Force of Will tournaments; cards and supplies
  • Escape Room – a live-action puzzling adventure of finding codes to open locks and escape a room in a set time frame
  • Miniature Gaming – gaming area and Games Workshop products
  • Board Games – games to play in store or buy to play later
  • Sports Room – cards, supplies, and memorabilia

Funertia draws people from across South Georgia, North Florida, and regularly from as far away as Tampa, Tallahassee, Atlanta and Savannah.

Make Funertia your place for fun!